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Do you have a dream (Target) you want to chase, but you’re not sure how? 

Without the proper Thoughts, Training and Tools you may end up frustrated and hopeless. You may even abandon your dream. 21 Ts to Transformation is written to help you reduce the frustration and encourage you to develop a plan to Transform your Target into reality. 

The new book for transforming your life!

Several sign companies were offered an opportunity to develop wall graphics for an elementary school. Gene Burgess asked, 1) What does it take to inspire teachers with the entire process of transforming a student? And 2) “What does it take to transform a 1st grader, who cannot read 21 words into a 5th grader that has unlimited potential because of the principles learned. As principles were discovered, images and short stories were put together to verify the truth of each graphic. 21 Ts to Transformation evolved from that research. Read the First Principle by clicking Chapter A link to the right.

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Click here to read the first "Chapter A" of the book 21 Ts to Transformation. The "T" for "Teacher" is just the beginning. Find the other 20 Ts today!


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